Members Reveal Their Most Successful Current Initiative

Eight SIPA members tell what the single-most successful thing their company is doing now

1. More than one portfolio company I’m working with today is having success using the same process: 1) Identify very specific unmet information needs of a very specific audience, horizontal or vertical. 2) Discard any information need which cannot be addressed using scalable technology. 3) Take the surviving concepts and productize them as online solutions using the techniques discussed at every SIPA meeting. I call this process “big data meets B2B.”
—Tim Baskerville, Media Service Group

2. Studying in-depth various emerging markets (like Brazil and India). And devoting most of our efforts to improving our main product: Sporting Goods Intelligence Europe.
—Laura Lieblein, EDM Publications

3. If you’ve picked up a marketing book, the terms “content marketing” and “thought leadership” are plastered across every other page. The reality is that most SIPA members are already thought leaders. It’s not politically correct to say that, but, as I said above, I may not be the smartest guy in the room. In our case, TDG has a strong history of accuracy and insights. We’ve leveraged that position to move our marketing from a cost center to a profit center by allowing various FREE deliverables (white papers, webinars, etc) to be sponsored. This covered both production and marketing costs. We, however, control all registration and analytics information and continue to expand our marketing database. It grows our reach and influence without increasing our costs.
—Andy Tarczon, The Diffusion Group

4. We are the leading provider of our products to our core markets, but our latest growth has been into hosting events over the past two years. We have an extremely talented events team that produces undoubtedly world class events, with speakers from Europe’s directorate general of research to Obama’s chief scientific advisor.
—Ricky Warren, Research Ltd

5. We are doing a good job focusing on delivering quality products that have high renewal rates, keeping a robust pipeline of new (renewable) product ideas, and imbedding our pricing and news products into the workflows of our customers (so they renew at high rates). I think there is a theme in there.
—Brian Crotty, OPIS (Oil Price Information Service)

6. We are always looking to stay one step ahead of the trends, always trying to improve the results, always testing new concepts and media. Right now, we are using QR codes, mobile phone marketing and dramatically changing email/web ads and landing pages by utilizing direct response video. We recently installed a green screen and purchased state-of-the-art video and editing equipment in our office. Our tactics and strategy is to apply direct marketing principles, database marketing strategies and advanced direct response copy/graphics. The direct response copy is key to success. It’s not journalism. It’s not editorial copy. It’s not even ad copy. It’s conversational/benefit copy that follows a set of rules that are proven to create response.
—Craig Huey, Creative Direct Marketing Group

7. I’m incredibly proud to see the social media applications that Astek is developing on both mobile and online. I also am excited to create a social media conference management package with Astek. One thing we discovered about conferences is that managing their social media is no easy feat. And personally, I love doing it!
—Rachel Yeomans, Astek

8. Writing 16-page e-mails for investment advisories is really challenging. These projects take weeks from start to finish. But it’s the most creative work I’ve ever done. Don’t take this the wrong way—everything in my packages is sourced and factual, if hyped—but my fiction-writing background is tremendously helpful. In this work, I use the techniques of fiction all the time.
—Frank Joseph (Mister DM™), Consultant


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