Mequoda Internet Marketing System 2.0

Welcome to the new Mequoda Daily – a merger of the Mequoda Café Daily, Mequoda Research Update and Mequoda Media Advisor.

In an effort to take our own advice, we’ve reset our email contact frequency to provide you with one short, easy-to-read tip every weekday under the Mequoda Daily nameplate. Our research says you’ll think the new experience is an improvement that will make our content easier for you to access. We look forward to your feedback.

Naked online publishing and Internet marketing is how one Mequoda client describes what we do here at the Mequoda Group. We believe that to teach we must do and so our 30-person team is engaged in three separate, but closely related activities:

Primary Case Study Research: Our research team is constantly searching out and profiling the best practices we can find for Internet marketing and website design. That research will first appear as website design reviews, landing page reviews and Internet marketing case studies published or summarized in the Mequoda Daily, and often published in more depth at the Mequoda Library. These reviews and cases are then analyzed and used to create and update best practice guidelines for Internet marketing and website design which are distributed as books, reports and seminars available through the Mequoda Library, and soon as free-standing, multimedia educational products. In all, we’ll publish more than 200 new case studies, reviews and best practice guidelines during 2006.

A Living Internet Marketing Lab: The Mequoda Daily, Mequoda Library, Mequoda Summit and other soon-to-be-added websites that make up the Mequoda Media Network are part of a living, breathing Mequoda Internet Marketing System currently serving 1,981 Internet marketing and online publishing professionals. By operating the system, we can interpret and test the best practices uncovered by our research and finetune them to allow us to better understand them and describe them to you. The new Mequoda Daily is the result of our research and now a live test of the seven Mequoda System best practice guidelines, as we understand them today. Our team is already planning and designing version 2.1 of the Mequoda Daily and an extensive landing page test program, of which you will be an integral part.

Teaching & Consulting: Our consulting team is currently assisting 12 special interest media companies in the development and operation of their unique, Internet marketing system based on the seven Mequoda System best practice guidelines. This gives us access to 12 additional living labs and dramatically accelerates learning for all 13 operating teams. Each is constantly making breakthroughs that can then be validated and expanded on by our research team and all 13 operating groups—and ultimately will be reflected in our books, reports and seminars.

We hope you’re enjoying the journey as much as we are here at the Mequoda Group. As always, we encourage you to share your thoughts, experiences and questions through our interactive blog.


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