Mequoda Managing Editor Job Description 2006 Edition

Discuss the online publishing job responsibilities, key metrics, goals, objectives and activities for the managing editor of a vertically integrated new media organization

Executive Summary

  • The job description for a new media managing editor is robust
  • Media Network Managing Editors must be media agnostic domain experts
  • A Mequoda System job description focuses on strategic vision and mission, objectives, goals and activities that link the managing editor to their organization

At the moment, I’m in the middle of hiring, training or advising Managing Editors for eight Mequoda Media Networks in the fields of media, spirituality, health care, organic living, personal finance, travel and college living. Each network is centered on a Mequoda Internet Hub and encircled with one of the six Mequoda Website Satellite Archetypes (Membership, Brand Marketing, Lead Generation, Classified, Catalog Marketing, Product Marketing).

General Responsibilities: In each case, the Media Network’s Managing Editor is responsible for all content in the Hub. In many cases, the Managing Editor is also responsible for satellite content. And, depending on the total number of information products in their Mequoda Media Pyramid, they may also responsible for traditional media content that may include books, reports, magazines, newsletters and events.

We’ve spent a lot of time developing and documenting the job description for Kim Mateus, Managing Editor for the Mequoda Group, as a best practices example of how the Managing Editor for a small media group spends her time. I thought it might be helpful to share her job description and strategic goals for 2006 and to open up a discussion of what new media Managing Editors do at other organizations.

Mequoda Group
Managing Editor Job Description

Vision & Mission: To help periodical and book publishers harness the Internet by providing them best practice guidelines and relevant case studies on Internet strategy, marketing, design and technology via print, digital and live information products.

Specific Responsibilities: Mequoda Group’s Managing Editor is responsible for all editorial and marketing content for online, print and event products. She heads a 15-person research team and works closely with the other five members of the group’s senior leadership team. Her key metrics are active Mequoda Daily subscribers and the annualized revenue per Mequoda Daily subscriber.

2006 Strategic Objectives

  • Grow the Mequoda Daily subscriber file to 10,000 by year end 2006 by providing the highest quality user experience with available resources.
  • Generate an average of $20 in net revenue for each active Mequoda Daily subscriber via the sale of Mequoda Media products and trusted third parties like Amazon, Marketing Sherpa and the Nielsen Norman Group.

2006 Strategic Goals

  • Produce and market 52 short case studies on Internet strategy, marketing and design for the Mequoda Daily.
  • Produce and market 144 in-depth reports on Internet strategy, marketing, design and technology for Mequoda Daily.
  • Produce and market five Mequoda System Handbooks, 12 Mequoda System Guidebooks and one Mequoda Daily Yearbook, and their respective Mequoda Product Marketing Websites.
  • Produce and market the 2006 Mequoda Media Summit in September 2006.

Weekly Activities

  • Assign, edit and produce in-depth reports and short case studies
  • Initiate and manage SEO, PR and link-building for all network content pages
  • Monitor all network content, including forums and blogs
  • Read and respond to content-related user email and calls
  • Initiate PR and industry speaking engagements for research team members
  • Analyze and respond to website traffic reports
  • Coordinate activities with senior leadership team and research team

Suggested Discussion Topics

  • How similar or different is the job description for your Managing Editor?
  • Which of the above objectives, goals or activities is most important?
  • Is there anything missing in the job description?

Note: The details of the case have been modified to protect the identity of the publisher and program. If you’ve got a case study you’d like to share, send me an email. Your privacy is my top concern.


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