Mequoda System Habit #5: Create User-Centric Websites

Usability and design are two key factors in publishing great websites. You may have a clear strategy and great content, but if your site is unusable and unattractive, it will be:

  • difficult for users to find what they’re looking for,
  • difficult for you to get users to do what you want them to do and
  • difficult to get users to become loyal customers and revisit again and again.


Creating user-centric websites begins by following the 14 Mequoda Website Design Guidelines.

After reviewing hundreds of websites, interviewing dozens of website publishers and conducting a series of expert usability reviews and actual user tests, we developed these 14 best practices for creating user-centric websites—along with a Mequoda Website Scorecard that you can use to evaluate the overall effectiveness of your own site.



A sample Mequoda Website Scorecard

This article was written by Don Nicholas with the help of Jane E. Zarem. It is just one part in a series on the Mequoda System. See below for the rest of this series:

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9. Repeat the Continuous Improvement Cycle

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