Mequoda System’s Talent Dependency

Learn what kinds of online publishing jobs need to be filled in order to operate your Mequoda System successfully

I have been told that a common question from publishers inquires about the management of a Mequoda System.

As a repeating cycle, the collection of media management behaviors that make up a Mequoda System create an audience-driven content management system. The seven habits of the Mequoda System experience continuous improvement when executed correctly. Learn more about the Mequoda System and the seven habits.

When operated with precision and passion, this system can turn any special-interest content-driven publication into a successful niche empire.

However, as this system constantly needs revaluation it is important to find a staff that has an interest in the process and can effectively serve as the editor.

Don Nicholas has stated that Mequoda Systems are talent dependent and that the online editor is a key position.

What to look for in an online editor

It is important for an online editor to be able to blur the lines between journalism and copywriting. A masterful ability to weave marketing initiatives into the heart of every editorial post created should be desired.

An online editor should possess good writing and editing skills and have a strong understanding of grammar.

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I’m sure this is information already known to publishers using a Mequoda System. So I won’t make this post too much like a job description. One final thing I will mention though describes the mentality one must have in the online editor position. There has to be a conscious acknowledgement of change. The internet is constantly changing and any good Mequoda System has to change with it. A one-way mentality, or a hang-up on the old print divide between editorial and marketing, will not bring success to your Mequoda System.

How to keep an online editor

After you find a suitable candidate for the position, you’ll more than likely want to hold onto that person. Not necessarily because online editors are hard to find, but mainly because of time considerations. The time it will take to educate your new editor on the ins and outs of the Mequoda System is extensive, so if your editor fits the position and hits deadlines on time, you will want to continue your relationship.

What to pay an online editor

Your online editor will typically be paid on a base/bonus system. The price range for this position should be between 30k-60k per year, depending on your geographic location.

If your editor is receiving in the 30k range per year, his or her base will be 90% of the package. This will at least guarantee a sufficient wage with a bonus that’s about 10% of the total salary. As the editor’s salary increases, there should be a bigger portion of the compensation package that is variable.

Salary:       % of Total Package that’s Salary:       % of Total Package that’s Bonus:       Bonus:

30k                    90%                                                              10%                                  $3k

40k                    80%                                                              20%                                   $8k

50k                     70%                                                             30%                                   $15k

Beyond these numbers, it’s important to remember that one reason Mequoda Systems fail is the patience behind them. According to Don, it may take an online editor 12-18 months to get a full grasp of the Mequoda System. To learn more about why Mequoda Systems fail, be sure to attend our session at the Mequoda Summit in Napa Valley.


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