Meredith Publication Adding Product Line

via Allrecipes

via Allrecipes

Multiplatform expansion is a wonderful opportunity for publishers who are able to build a comprehensive audience. We’ve seen the process start as digital publications and move to print magazines, or for completely digital entities to start offering physical products.

The latter is now being practiced by Allrecipes, a publication from Meredith. License! Global is reporting on the story, saying that Meredith has “signed a licensing agreement with Clipper to manufacture a line of cookware, bakeware and kitchen gadgets under the Allrecipes brand.”

The deal between Meredith and Clipper is for seven years, and the product line launches in March 2015. During this time the company will provide cookware, bakeware, and other various kitchen gadgets.

Allrecipes launched in 1997 and has grown significantly since, receiving more than one billion visits each year. When your audience is this massive, starting a physical product line isn’t too surprising of a move.

Read more about Allrecipes new product line at License! Global. 

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