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via MediaPost

via MediaPost

With 91% of American adults – more than 250 million people – owning a cell phone, and upward of a third of Internet users preferring theirs as a browsing device, mobile ads are more relevant than ever. The opportunity is golden: Revenue reached $18 billion in 2013, as 80% of users say they downloaded an app after viewing a mobile ad, while 67% visited an advertiser’s site.

But, as MediaPost’s Mobile Marketing Daily reports, deploying mobile ads successfully can be tricky.

“Mobile is getting a lot less clunky and more sophisticated, which is a good thing for users and the industry,” Time Inc. Director of Mobile Sales & Strategy Sol Masch told Mobile Marketing Daily. “On mobile, most clients want engagement. The question is, what does engagement mean? Often, engagement is defined as getting a user to interact, so you have to create rich messaging that drives interaction.”

Tips from MMD include:

  • Not disrupting user experience
  • Reaching the consumer where they are “in the buying cycle”
  • Maximizing the seconds and minutes of mobile users’ “found time”

“Devices and operating systems will keep on coming and we need to simplify it for the marketing and advertising community,” Masch told MMD. “The more we can establish standards, the more it will help everyone. Within the structure of standards, we will be able to innovate even more.”

To read more about mobile advertising best practices, visit MediaPost.

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