Mobile Outlook a Hot Topic Among Publishers

via Folio:

Kimberly Lau, via Folio:

Folio: recently convened a roundtable to discuss the mobile publishing market as activity skyrockets and monetization strives to keep pace.

Sean Griffey of Industry Dive, Kimberly Lau of The Atlantic Digital, Jeff Litvack of ALM, Christian Nimsky of Consumer Reports, Diane Oshin of Time Inc., and Grant Owens of Razorfish, Jessica Sanfilippo of 360i, and Liz White of Entertainment Weekly participated in the exchange. Folio: staff asked questions about business models, advertising, the future of tablets, and more, including whether they saw any surprises among their mobile audiences.

“There used to be a general belief that people on small screens were not interested in reading long content-that content consumed on phones needed to be “snackable,'” Lau told Folio:. “On the contrary, I’ve seen time and again that content length is a poor predictor of what works. In fact, some of our longer pieces have a higher than average percentage of mobile views.”

To read more about this roundtable discussion on the state of the mobile publishing market, visit Folio:.

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