Mobile Spending to Make for Half of Digital Ad Sales in 2015

It was only a matter of time until mobile spending overtook desktop, but that moment is rapidly upon us; plus, personalization, video, and more

Mobile spending is a rolling freight train spilling over with cash at this point, and it’s arriving at the station a little sooner than expected. This year, mobile ad sales will pass desktop for the first time, according to eMarketer. What are the implications? Well, for multiplatform publishers, it’s prime time. With content systems and best practices in place, you’re ready to monetize your mobile presence, with video execution and viewability still looming as hurdles. Speaking of video, eMarketer also has that covered this week.

Mobile Spending Making Good on Its Potential

Mobile will comprise 51.9% of digital ad spending in 2015, eMarketer reports, representing a revised upward figure from earlier this year. Mobile is growing by 59%, while desktop is declining a bit.

“Brands and marketers continue to see increased value in mobile advertising to reach consumers. Some of the shift is happening organically from digital ad spending dollars, but also we see additional dollars moving from traditional media and new money coming from local advertising and small businesses,” eMarketer analyst Martín Utreras says.
“Consumers’ increasing on-demand consumption of media through mobile – coupled with improvements in targeting, attribution, and ROI for mobile advertising – will continue to take away ad dollars from [print] magazines and newspapers.”

Personalization Data Works When It Comes to Conversions

According to a CMO Council study, increased response and engagement rates are the best reason to produce personalized content, eMarketer reports. And more than 40% of marketing executives said personalization data, driven by programmatic ads, leads to more conversions.

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Content Impressions From Across the Industry

What do you think of your content? And what do you think of your competitors’ content?
“In June 2015 research by CRN International, more than three-quarters of US marketers said the overall quality of creative in their advertising was good or excellent, while just 1.7% said it was poor. However, respondents weren’t as positive about creative across the sector as a whole. Just over six in 10 marketers rated the quality of creative from the brands with which they were associated as good or excellent,” eMarketer says.
“In order to continue to improve creative quality – at both their own companies and across the industry – marketers will need to overcome several hurdles. When asked about the biggest obstacles to delivering quality creative, respondents were most likely to cite understanding customers – something data-gathering tech could help with—and corporate culture. Meanwhile, prioritizing other efforts and a lack of confidence and talent were smaller issues. Informative creative content was far and away the most effective type for marketing objectives, cited by nearly two-thirds of marketers. Fully 15.5% said touching content was the most effective, while one in 10 said the same about humorous items.”

More Millennial Video News and Views

More than 90% of Millennials watch digital video monthly, eMarketer reports, and the service predicts that there will be 77 million Millennial digital video viewers this year.

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To read more about mobile spending in the news, visit eMarketer.


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