Mobile Tactics Increasingly Utilize Curation

via Digiday

via Digiday

As they develop and refine their mobile content strategies, publishers are more and more mixing in curation with original stories, Digiday reports.

“The curation-meets-original content approach is an important shift from how most publishers have approached their app strategies so far,” Ricardo Bilton writes.

“Most publishers have treated their mobile apps as separate vessels for their existing content, which is a logical, but not particularly prescient approach. Just like the shift from print to digital demanded a new approach to content, the shift from desktop to mobile means optimizing not just for a new form factor, but new consumption habits as well.”

Bilton cites BuzzFeed (with its standalone news app bearing links to other sites), (with its “Our Picks”), and Yahoo News Digest (with its mobile news summaries) as publishers that are rethinking their app approach and taking a page from social media.

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