Mobile Viewability Update From MRC: Fully Loaded Ads and Count on Decision

Media Rating Council issues revisions to mobile viewability guidelines; plus, Adobe’s audience development data and a vertical video solution

Ad viewability, especially mobile viewability, is arguably the issue facing digital publishers: As we’ve said before, when it comes to digital advertising trends, all roads lead to viewability: engagement depends on it; ad blocking programs derail it; and marketers demand it.

Mobile viewability concerns correspond with mobile advertising trends; as the latter swing more in the favor of digital magazines starting to figure out how to monetize mobile, advertisers are that much more intent on making sure they’re getting their money’s worth.

That’s where the Media Rating Council comes in – they’re charged with setting the standards on ad viewability, and their latest batch is still baking, albeit with ingredients added and taken away during the process.

MediaPost has that covered, as well as Adobe’s latest venture and newfangled vertical video ads on mobile.

MRC’s Midstream Mobile Viewability Adjustments

As befits a development of such import, the Media Rating Council’s viewability standards will ultimately be the result of a staggered and diligent approach. Part of the approach is a series of revisions, including metrics on the chopping block, MediaPost’s Real-Time Daily .

“Elimination of the ‘Loaded Ad’ concept: The MRC has concluded that the ‘Loaded Ad’ metric is no longer necessary for use as a measurement metric. Introduced within the Interim Guidance in May, this metric was designed as a temporary solution that recognized limitations in measurers’ capabilities for determining viewable impressions in mobile application environments that existed at that time,” Joe Mandese reports.

“Since May, it has become apparent that measurers can now, in fact, successfully measure viewable impressions in mobile within the in-application environment, meaning the ‘Loaded Ad’ concept is now obsolete. No vendors to date have been accredited by the MRC for a ‘Loaded Ad’ metric, and, effective today, the MRC will no longer consider accreditation of this metric.”

Other cuts: the Count on Decision metric for served ad impressions.

Kargo and Celtra Appeal to Top Publishing Companies With Vertical Video Ad Service

Vertical video used to be considered the spawn of the devil, rough and unwatchable; now, it’s en vogue, and mobile ad company Kargo and video company Celtra are joining powers to provide vertical video infrastructure to publishers, MediaPost reports.

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Adobe’s Latest Product: Audience Manager

Adobe is at it again, this time with the new data sorter Audience Manager, which makes them a second-party purveyor for marketers and publishers, MediaPost’s Real-Time Daily reports.

“Any customer can go buy third-party data, but imagine the legal, billing and operational hassles,” Adobe Audience Manager Senior Product Marketing Manager Rakhi Patel told Felicia Greiff. “Our marketplace allows you to just eliminate those hassles. You can prospect faster and get access to more audiences. … It changes the game, and you can do this is a more transparent manner. … Data is becoming an asset.”

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