The Mobile Web Market For Digital Publishers

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Mobile website traffic is important to digital publishers. The numbers behind mobile traffic have been increasing consistently since new smartphones and tablets reach the market. Who do you think controls the biggest part of the market? eMarketer reports that Apple devices take the majority of web traffic on smartphones and tablets.

For smart phones, Apple has 54 percent of the market share, and 80 percent of tablet traffic. Samsung follows in the smartphone market at 24 percent and seven percent of tablet traffic.

These stats come from research by Adobe that took into account June’s US mobile web traffic. StatCounter shared similar results, with Apple receiving 51.6 percent of mobile web traffic on smartphones for July.

Adobe also looked at the most popular mobile web browsers used. They “found Apple’s Safari browser—the default search engine on its devices—accounted for 59.1% of website traffic on smartphones and tablets combined.”

Read more about mobile web traffic stats at eMarketer.

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