Monetizing Content Can Be a Many-Splendored Thing

There’s more than one way of monetizing content: Just ask Purch, Dwell, Fortune, Active Interest Media, and other publishers

The days of starting a magazine, sitting back, and watching the revenue roll in are over. Publishers must be vigilant in monitoring industry trends, establishing best practices, and monetizing content via multiplatform strategies. Not as part of a five-year strategic plan, but with every editorial calendar.

Folio: has you covered on the industry trends. Here are five recent articles that cover various companies’ efforts in monetizing content.

Purch, Master of Blending Content and Commerce, Secures More Funding

Tech network Purch raised another $135 million in its latest round of Series C investing, bringing its total to $175 million. The money will go toward organic growth and acquisitions, Folio: reports.

“We do have [acquisition] targets and some of those are in new markets and some are in existing verticals, and they span brands, platforms and technologies. I don’t mean to be too oblique, but we have a fairly wide array of company’s we’re evaluating,” Purch CEO Greg Mason told Folio:.

“We see ourselves less in the vein of a CNET or a Vox Media, and more along the lines of a Bankrate or Houzz or Tripadvisor. Entities that are satisfying a genuine need on the part of consumers around purchase advice, but also realizing business models that involve sitting between buyers and sellers. That’s where our center of gravity has been as a business.”

In Major Move, Dwell Media Sells Off Main Event to Informa

The decade-old Dwell on Design, which brings in more than 30,000 attendees annually in the publishing event space, is now the property of U.K.-based Informa, Folio: reports. Terms of the deal were not released, but Dwell says it’s in the multi-millions.

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Fortune Mag Monetizing Content With Facebook Video

Facebook is the belle of the ball for publishers, and Fortune might have just cut in on some dances. The Time Inc. property is launching a video series called “The Chat,” and it will be based at the Facebook offices in Menlo Park, Calif., Folio: reports. It will feature CEOs taking questions from Facebook users.

Active Interest Media Acquires Direct Mail Services

Catalyst Communications is selling several direct mail properties, including Outdoor Guide, to AIM, Folio: reports.

“Most of our titles are consumer, but because we’re in such niche markets, it helps fortify ourselves and helps us be authentic in that market if we’re also in the trade part of the business,” AIM Outdoor Group Vice President and General Managaer Kent Ebersol told Folio:.

“This company is a database-driven company. As we get better and better at managing that database, direct mail is one of those levers we can pull to leverage it. Managing that database for other things—clients, retailers, vendors, marketers – that’s all a part of the bigger picture. We’re in that business and we believe in it, and direct mail is part of it.”

Praetorian Digital Purchases Niche Ed Tech Piece

Praetorian Digital is acquiring Kaplan’s Fire & EMS ed tech vertical, adding it to its first-responder brands, Folio: reports. Online training now accounts for a quarter of Praetorian’s business after bringing in just 5% as recently as 2013.

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