Monetizing Digital Content: Native, Ecommerce, Niche, and More

The publishers making news when it comes to monetizing digital content include Quartz, Fortean Times, and Dennis

Is there anything more important than monetizing digital content for magazines looking to embrace multiplatform publishing strategy? The answer is an obvious no, but the less obvious answer is to the follow-up question “How do you get there?”

The answer is indeed not obvious, but it is achievable. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in business. Doing our due diligence, we keep an eye on the news when it comes to monetizing digital content, and has some great recent coverage on the subject. Let’s see what they have for us this week!

Niche Publishing Strategy Tips From Fortean Times

The Fortean Times is not only niche, it’s print niche! So, how are they doing it? reports.

“How do we survive in a very different media landscape? It is a journal of record. We collect ephemeral stories that would otherwise just come and go by monitoring the news; in some ways FT is like the internet before the internet existed. It brings together all this mad, crazy random stuff, tiny bits of news that are collected and put in a context… to be on record,” Editor David Sutton tells Chris Sutcliffe.

“It comes back to the idea of a bit of curation, really. That’s the thing we can do that you can’t really get online. That’s the trouble, really… in the media landscape in general. There is too much information, too little context, not enough shaping of the material to give you anything other than a sense of complete chaos.”

Quartz President on Monetizing Digital Content

Quartz Publisher and President Jay Lauf is intent on making sure the Atlantic spinoff doesn’t sacrifice quality for quantity of traffic, and outlines his strategy.

“We’re right at the beginning stages of diversifying our offerings and revenue streams. We have a nascent creative services business that’s born out of clients asking us to create for them, whether it’s content or content management solutions,” Lauf tells Sutcliffe.

“We’ll more formally launch it a little later this year, but we’ve produced content for HPE … which produces a quarterly online magazine called Matter, we produce content for that, and we’ve been working with other Fortune 500 companies on creating content or content solutions [technology, design, project management].”


Dennis Digital Managing Director Discusses Ecommerce Content Strategy

Timely interview with Dennis Digital Managing Director Pete Wootton about maximizing ecommerce content strategy as a revenue mechanism.

“We create a content strategy based on key words that we’ve identified will deliver an audience who are likely to convert e.g. review content, advice about different types of finance that are available or ‘best’ round ups,” Wootton tells Georgie Davies.

“This is then created on landing pages on Buyacar at various points of the funnel. We also have a large in-market car buying audience across and and so direct traffic from relevant pages across to Buyacar.”

Improved Ad Quality Can Combat Ad Blocking, OpenX VP Says

It might sound like common sense, but OpenX Vice President of Marketplace Quality John Murphy is on a mission to make advertisers and publishers alike produce higher-quality ads, and he presents his statement at

“For publishers, persistent issues with ad quality may drive more users to install ad blockers and, as a result, dissuade premium publishers from implementing automated technologies, such as programmatic. Despite the capacity these tools have to better monetise inventory, reluctance is understandable as an inability to guarantee ad quality raises real concerns about the experience consumers will have on publishers’ sites,” Murphy writes.

“But for digital advertisers, inactive publishers also mean stunted revenue. There is only one way to solve this problem and remove the threat of poor ad quality: an industry-wide commitment to boosting standards.”

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