Multiplatform Publishing: How Digital Is Being Brought To Print

via The Guardian

via The Guardian

We’ve seen many print legacy publishers turn digital. However, now we’re seeing some publishers take their digital elements and bring them to print. The Guardian is one publisher  bringing design elements from the newspaper’s digital edition to print, reports Design Week.

This act from The Guardian is an effort to harmonize the new design across all platforms. Multiplatform publishing now includes print design elements as well, especially for those who want to have a cohesive brand identity throughout all elements of print and digital.

The article from Design Week quotes Alex Breuer, the creative director at The Guardian. “We know many of our readers consume the Guardian across both print and digital, and this new look adds brings a seamless, consistent and familiar experience wherever and however people choose to read our content.”

Read more about The Guardian’s multiplatform approach to publishing at Design Week.

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