Multiplatform Publishing Facts, Figures, and Successful Strategies

The MPA releases its Magazine Media Factbook 2017/18, sharing multiplatform publishing data you can use

You may be surprised by some of the data we have to share about multiplatform publishing. But we’re not as surprised because we’re so ingrained in the industry and we constantly see the ongoing growth for multiplatform publishers.

Today we’re looking at research from MPA and Publishers Press, and this includes some impressive data. The research comes from the MPA’s Magazine Media Factbook 2017/18, and we’re confident you will be inspired by this information.


To begin, let’s look at some data on magazine readers. According to the Factbook, “Americans of all ages read magazines — especially younger adults.”

This includes 91% of adults, 94% of those under 35, and 94% of those under 25 having read magazine media within the last six months. This includes both print and digital.

Interestingly enough, “Print magazines are more balanced across generations than other media, including internet, TV, radio and newspapers.”

Beyond the diverse readership and the power print magazines have as a medium, it is also is the most lucrative for advertising dollars. “Magazines show the highest return on advertising — the ultimate KPI.”

In terms of the numbers, magazines receive an average return on advertising spend of $3.94. The next closest comes from “display” at $2.63. Following that is “cross media” at $2.62.

Magazine media also helps in the buying process. “When people read print or digital magazines, they are more likely to be considering purchases of various products than during the times they spend with other media.”

Magazine media appears to be valuable in the buying process because it is a trusted form of media, particularly by younger audiences. “Magazine media: more trusted, inspiring and motivating than other media among young adults.” In this instance, magazine media beat out websites and ad supported TV networks in all possible categories.

It’s clear that magazine media is a trusted source of information. We can also see that is has the ability to grab hold of reader and pull them into the subject matter. “Magazine content is deeply absorbing, whether in print or digital editions.”

Primary print readers recorded an average of 51.7 minutes consuming the magazine per issue, while digital edition readers spent 49.2 minutes on each issue. This number has actually gone up!

Above all, it’s important to realize that there’s growth going on for magazines, both print and digital. “Audience for print and digital magazines increased by 5.4 million adults 18+ from 2015-16.” From 2012 to 2016 the numbers grew from 210.7 million to 221.9 million. There was growth each year, and the growth between 2015 and 2016 was the largest.

And finally, for anyone who believes print is on the way out, it’s important to note that neuroscience has a different view on it. According to the report, “Reading on paper is slower and deeper; paper readers remember more.” This is the reason why print magazine ads work.

Are you looking to retool your multiplatform publishing arsenal after reading highlights from the MPA’s Magazine Media Factbook 2017/18? If so, reach out today so we can set up a time to chat. We’ve helped the biggest multiplatform publishing brands develop and implement impactful multiplatform strategies of all sizes.


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