Multiple Mediums: A Way To Interest Online Advertisers

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Often times we call the use of multiple media platforms together hybrid media. We do this because at its core, there is a higher level of efficiency behind this method.

Hybrid media has multiple engines, so to speak. For example, if you incorporate print and online platforms together in your online business model, as many of you do, print and online are each an engine. These two work separately and together, supporting each other back and forth.

Your biggest fans, the most active consumers, will be exposed to both of these mediums. Of course there will be those readers who are only exposed to one medium or the other, but your biggest, most devoted readers will want all of the information they can receive from you.

So now you have your hybrid media platform, comprised of print and online mediums. In addition to the information you give to your readers, you decide to focus some more effort on selling advertising space. Where should you start? View our Internet Advertising Basics webinar now on demand to find out all you need to know on internet advertising.

What is the biggest selling point behind your niche, hybrid media platform?

Remember how we mentioned the most active consumers? Those consumers who seek all the information they can find on your topic will see a branded message on both of your mediums. Consumers like these are the most important because they are poised to buy. These consumers are the exact people advertisers want to reach more than once.

Furthermore, frequency is critically important in advertising. For a product or service to sell, the audience has to be exposed to it. According to Dan Ambrose, one of the publishing industry’s most experienced sales coaches and founder of, a minimum frequency of three is needed for successful advertising. Hear what else Dan has to say about frequency in our Internet Advertising Basics webinar on demand.


Stay frequent with your message

Before seeing actual statistics on hybrid media, many advertising professionals felt that this duplication of information wasn’t successful. However, since then more tests have been done on campaigns to determine their actual effectiveness.

What Sticks, a book discussing the successes and failures in marketing, mentions a very important finding. A consistent message will stick in the minds of consumers in a more powerful manner through multiple media platforms than seeing the same exact message in only one media.

Do you know how to show your advertising clients that your components work together?

Watch our Internet Advertising Basics webinar on demand now and learn how to express the logic behind working with your hybrid media platform. Make sure your potential clients understand that they will receive advertisements in both your print and online editions, and that your truly devout readers pay close attention to both of these mediums. This frequency is what will help clients’ products sell.

Finally, make yourself look even more knowledgeable about online marketing to your potential advertising clients. Our Internet Advertising Basics webinar will teach you what’s important to advertisers and consumers alike.

If you have a highly specialized market, your chance of making money online from advertising will be there. For more information on web advertising, watch our Internet Advertising Basics webinar on demand.


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