New Digital Art Magazines Push Tablet Platforms



Four new digital art magazines are taking tablet publishing to the next level while taking it beyond the United States and United Kingdom.

Talking New Media reports that the magazines are using four different platforms to produce their Apple Newsstand releases.

[b]racket, from South Korea, features local artists with a vibrant interface with scrolling and swiping capabilities. Originally a print magazine, it uses WordPress.

Larmagazine, from Mexico City, is a bilingual app that uses Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Two more magazines hail from Spain: Revista MasMag and Room Design Magazine. MasMag “was obviously conceived of as a digital publication from the beginning. It opens with an animated cover … and contains animated features throughout – which, of course, helps explain the large file size,” D.B. Hebbard writes. “From a technical standpoint, MasMag is the most impressive.”

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    That’s great. Designers understand that the media is the message. Instead of contorting a print page to full Web page to a mobile format, an e-magazine can be a work of art.


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