New Managing Editor for VentureBeat

via VentureBeat

via VentureBeat

VentureBeat is expanding its editorial team which includes a new managing editor, reports Folio.

In addition to hiring Jennifer Tsao as the business and tech publisher’s new managing editor, the   publication has added new staff writers after receiving $2.6 million in equity investment.

VentureBeat is expanding due to its growth in traffic over the past year. As the article points out, “Citing Google Analytics numbers, the company says traffic has grown 48 percent in the last year, topping out at around 7.5 million monthly uniques.”

A growth in traffic is a great reason to expand an editorial team. With this growth comes the commitment to expand editorial coverage on breaking news and feature-length content.

Dylan Tweney, editor-in-chief, had this to say about VentureBeat’s growth: “I’m looking forward to expanding our coverage of the tech industry,” he says. “The industry has been covered for too long by bloggers with dubious ethics and too much investment in the companies they write about. VB is taking a different path.”

Read more about VentureBeat’s editorial growth at Folio.

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