New Media Trends: Are you Connected?

The iPad is the highest-scoring product in consumer satisfaction, EVER! – according to ACSI*


NY Times iPad App

Connected devices, like tablets, smartphones and eBook readers, are changing how consumers engage with media.

According to The Nielsen Group, owners of connected devices are skewed toward males 34 and younger. If that’s your target audience, it’s time to get connected.

Another interesting statistic: iPad owners were not only more responsive to advertising, but were more likely to follow through with a purchase as a direct result of an ad seen on their connected device.

Two takeaways from this survey

1) You need an app for that. Online publishers, media companies and application developers are eager to know how they should optimize their content for particular devices.  With millions of connected devices already sold, it would be foolish to overlook the opportunity.

2) You need to advertise there. Equally as important are the advertising opportunities connected devices offer and the willingness of users to respond to this form of advertising. The options for advertisers and sponsors are limitless.

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What are other online publishers doing?

Over 250 publishers have already developed applications for the iPad. These apps compliment their existing publication and are boosting sales and revenue.

For example, with a robust budget, Zinio has created a fully interactive version of VIVMag which includes video and interactive ads.

For smaller budgets, try a simple, easy to use application. Dwell allows you to subscribe to the magazine, read the magazine, bookmark articles, search the magazine and share articles.

Somewhere in between are the add-on and promotional apps. Men’s Health has created a series of workout apps that include graphics and photos to help users design a personalized workout routine.

There are dozens of new ways you can transform your own publications using digital readers like the iPad. You can now offer readers a more interactive experience and advertisers new options that get readers engaged immediately. How you incorporating this new media trend?

*ACSI – The American Customer Satisfaction Index is a national economic indicator of customer evaluations of the quality of products and services available to household consumers in the United States.


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