The New York Times Co. Buys Into Blendle

via Blendle

via Blendle

Blendle is an online newsstand that allows audience members to buy single articles. It operates within the same concept as iTunes, which charges a buyer per song purchased.

Blendle is a Dutch startup that appears to have received great support. According to the articles, “The New York Times Co. and Axel Springer have bought a 23 percent stake in the company. The [nearly] $3.8 million investment will be used to help the online platform expand.”

This service will help audience members search for the type of content they want to consume through filtering. As it focuses directly on single articles, readers won’t be forced to pay for clutter that isn’t of interest to them.

This move is an interesting one, though. How will this ultimately impact news and magazine brands? When the music industry started embracing iTunes, overall sales dropped. Will Blendle develop as a valuable revenue stream for publishers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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