‘New York Times Magazine’ Focuses On Sundays

via The New York Times

via The New York Times

It’s being reported by Ad Age that the editor-in-chief and publisher of the New York Times Magazine are visiting CMOs and agency execs to share the news that the Sunday edition is getting major attention.

The Sunday magazine is getting millions of dollars invested into it. This investment is going to show more change than continuity in the current version of the magazine. It will also yield a product on thicker paper stock, a rearranging of topics, and the abolishment of two sections: “The One-Page Magazine” and “Who Made That?”

So why is New York Times Magazine making such a big investment into its Sunday magazine? According to the article from Ad Age, a loss of advertising dollars is part of it.The new investment in the Sunday Magazine will partly look to lure advertisers back to the magazine. Mr. Wright, a 17-year veteran of the Times, is charged with steering the business side of the magazine.”

Additionally, internal research that Wright shared shows that the Times Magazine “is among the most-read parts of the Sunday paper,” making it a worthy candidate to get a makeover.

Read more about the update to New York Times Magazine at Ad Age.

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