Niche Magazines: The Future of Publishing Is Now

Best practices to help you join the ranks of niche magazines; plus, Bloomberg digital video and more

The power of traditional media companies is diluted these days, as legacy publishers struggle to keep up with the proliferation of content across the World Wide Web. Print is an endangered species, and audiences are in control with countless options available to them. A select few digital magazines can command massive traffic by sheer reputation, resources, and reach. But what about the rest of us? What can small or midsized digital magazines do, those regional and B2B titles that make up the vast majority? They can become multiplatform niche magazines – the model that is revitalizing the industry.

Our friends at Publishing Executive posted a recent article on this trend – the Mequoda Method’s not-so-secret formula – as well as several others of interest. Let’s dive right in!

What Niche Magazines Do Well in Attracting Audience – and Advertisers

In a cool post called “How to Niche-ify Your Magazine,” Publishing Executive covers a topic close to our hearts: Scaling your content efforts to cultivate enthusiast audiences, in order to attract, retain, and convert visitors while at the same time appealing to marketers looking for hard-core consumers.

Some of this will be familiar to Mequoda Members, for those publishers still on the fence or trying to find the right approach, the post serves up some food for thought. Speaking of food, it’s one of the highest-performing niches for publishers, according to our brand-new Digital Magazine Market Study.

“Your magazine and brand may be sufficient to grab and hold the targeted audience’s attention, but special editorial content may be in order, especially for multi-page special sections. Perhaps your sponsor already has a white paper, infographic, or other content marketing that would be of interest to the audience,” writes D. Eadward Tree.


“But if publisher-provided content is needed, you don’t have to start from scratch. See what’s in your archives and on your web site – maybe images, excerpts, or entire articles – that might be of special relevance to the target audience. Or provide them more in-depth information than is in a run-of-press article – for example, the entire transcript of an interview with an important industry figure rather than just quotations from the interview. You can use your web site to magnify the targeted content’s impact. Offer a free download of a special section, for example, to those who provide their email address. That will put the sponsors’ messages in front of more people and increase the value of your reader database.”

Bloomberg Digital Video Is Breaking Records

Bloomberg digital efforts are reaching new levels – again. Video traffic hit 16.5 million unique views in June, up a remarkable 349% year-over-year, Publishing Executive reports.

ALM Makes Big Niche Acquisition

Niche publishers American Lawyer Media has acquired China Law & Practice from the Legal Media Group of EuroMoney, expanding both their B2B offerings and international reach, Publishing Executive reports.

Niche magazines make the publishing world go ’round, and form the foundation of the Mequoda Method’s success. Download our free Organic Audience Development Strategy Handbook to learn how.

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