Nielsen OCR Will Measure Evolve Media Native Video Ads

Fabien Richard via

Fabien Ricard via

One publishing company is taking the next step in the evolutionary chart of digital media.

Evolve announced recently that it will offer Nielsen Online Campaign ratings with the social video ads dotting its roster of enthusiast magazines. The move makes it the first company to implement the measure for native ads, according to

“When it comes to content performance, Evolve Media’s SpringBoard Video platform has always been able to answer ‘the what, the how, the where, and the why’ – but by integrating Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings into our platform, we are finally able to provide the all-important ‘who,'” VP Fabien Ricard told Adotas. “Social video is usually targeted towards a very specific demographic – yet by the end of the flight, we sometimes learn that it was heavily consumed by a completely different audience than intended. Regardless of its origin, we strongly believe that every view counts. For this reason, we are proud and excited to be the first publisher to share this valuable market research with our social video clients in such an integrated, value-added manner.”

To read more about Evolve’s use of Nielsen OCR, visit

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