Notes & Quotes from Mequoda Summit Boston 2009: Keyword Research & Targeting

Kim Mateus of Mequoda Group shows attendees how to write a rapid conversion landing page for free reports

Kim Mateus, Senior Partner here at the Mequoda Group led this session on keyword research and how to create landing pages using that keyword research.

Here are the steps that Mateus gave for writing a landing page that supports a free special report:

  1. Choose the source and the voice – Who is it coming from?
  2. Write the deck
  3. Write the headline
  4. Write the subhead
  5. Address the audience
  6. Write the lead
  7. Transform your report into paragraphs
  8. Write the order form copy that asks for the email address
  9. Write the close

“Essentially what you’re doing when you’re writing your landing page, is excerpting the book that you’re promoting. You can excerpt paragraphs from the report and use them in the landing page,” Mateus told the audience.


Mateus also noted that Mequoda’s most popular white paper, that has the best search engine penetration and attracts the most traffic is 12 Master Landing Page Templates.

She divulged that the reason we named it with the word “templates” and not just 12 Master Landing Pages was because once we did the keyword research, it turned out that tons of people were searching for the keyword “landing page templates” and there were very few pages in Google that addressed that keyword phrase, which gave us a sweet spot to target.

On the landing page for that report, the keyword density is between 2-4%, five asks for the persons email, and 1610 words. In eye-tracking studies, we’ve found that almost no one looks below the fold so it’s key to put your first ask for an email above the fold.


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