How The Onion Finds Digital Publishing Success

via The Onion

via The Onion

Digital publishing success is based on a few things, with audience being a major factor. You have to find your audience, make sure they know you exist, and present them with the right kind of content.

The Onion is a digital entity that has been able to do this, even after significant change. The satirical content provider went from having a print publication to being digital-only.

Now, there are challenges for any publisher trying to succeed in the digital landscape. So how was The Onion planning on doing so? Mike McAvoy, president of The Onion, spoke at MediaNext recently, and Folio shares some on the key takeaways from McAvoy’s keynote.

As the article from Folio states how Onion has found success with brands and an audience. “Comedy breaks through the noise and reaches the millennials. “We said, ‘Let’s take this access to millennials and let’s offer it to brands.’ We offered comedy. Comedy works,” McAvoy said.”

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