Online Content Distribution: AMP, Flipboard, NewsBeat

Taking stock of the latest online content distribution news by way of a multiplatform perspective

Online content distribution grows more sophisticated by the week, with new channels, services, and technologies giving rise to an ever-evolving multiplatform publishing strategy.

MediaPost has recent coverage on NewsBeat, Flipboard, and Google AMP, three big names who will have big roles in the coming years. Let’s see the latest!

Google AMP Makes Next Move – With Mobile Optimization

Super-fast online content distribution service Google AMP is gathering speed, MediaPost reports.

“Google launched a demo page today allowing users to take a look and see what sites will look like with AMP applied. Releasing it as a demo will allow Google to adjust the process as needed, based on consumer and developer feedback before it does a full run. It will also allow developers time to learn how to implement AMP. The full rollout will happen sometime within the next few months, but Google hasn’t made it clear exactly when that will be,” Ben Frederick writes.

“There are reportedly over 150 million AMP documents from over 650,000 domains in Google’s index, with an additional 4 million being loaded in each week. The expanded AMP program doesn’t affect site ranking at all, but it will allow people to access sites and stories beyond the “top stories” section of Google at a faster rate. Slow loading times are the bane of many Internet properties’ existence.”

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Flipboard Launches Vertical Video Ads

Flipboard is adding another important monetization feature, MediaPost reports.

“Flipboard’s retooled Cinema Loop ads show a teaser clip essentially as a GIF in vertical format and link to a horizontal version of the ad. The original horizontal teasers drove a 20% higher completion rate, according to Flipboard, and they expect vertical teasers to do even better,” Frederick writes.

“Vertical video has been much maligned since the advent of mobile phones. But it has started to appeal to many advertisers because it fits the orientation that most people hold their phones in the majority of the time they are using them. This means advertisers need to specifically produce or edit ads for the new format, and because of this, they drive a premium price.”

NewsBeat President on Online Content Distribution

Excellent interview with NewsBeat Social President Geoff Campbell in a recent MediaPost article.

“We try to bring the news to where you are. If you happen to be on Facebook, we want to bring the news to your social experience. The vast majority of our distribution is where our target audience of millennials are: on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We want other news organizations to consider our videos a complement to what they do, especially if they do the analysis or opinion to our report,” Campbell told Sara Guaglione.

“News needs to be where people want it, and we should be trying to get people to come to their platforms of choice. The shift to mobile-delivered news has broad implications to our business model.”

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