Online Content Strategy Depends on Tracking, Social, Advertising

The industry and marketing trends dictating online content strategy: mobile behavior, in-house digital studios, and wrestling with viewability

Online content strategy can be navigated only when you’re equipped with the right data analytics. Throwing an article up and calling it a day doesn’t do it anymore. Luckily, publishers have research firms like eMarketer to help find the way. Let’s take a look at a few of its recent posts.

Consumer Behavior Key to Mobile Approach – but Can It Be Quantified?

A multiplatform publishing model demands a multiplatform understanding of readers, consumers, and potential subscribers; ie, audience. Mobile presents the greatest potential for monetization and the greatest conundrum when it comes to pinning down user preferences to pair up with advertisers.
Mobile ad spending in the US will jump 50% this year to reach $28.72 billion, or 49.0% of digital ad spending, eMarketer estimates. And with more dollars comes more demand for measurement—and a better ability to act on insights gleaned from such measurement. However, client-side marketers polled in March 2015 by Econsultancy in association with Adobe still struggled with mobile measurement. Just 51% measured user engagement and return on investment from mobile efforts,” eMarketer reports.

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“As a result, marketers were often stuck with a limited understanding of their mobile customers. About two-thirds said they knew what proportion of their traffic came via mobile devices, and seven in 10 knew what devices their customers used. Beyond these basic metrics, marketers lagged. Just half of respondents understood how mobile fit into the customer journey across devices and channels, only 35% could track customers across different devices when they chose to authenticate and log in to the experience, and a similar percentage understood the nuances of how customers used tablets and smartphones differently – issues that can all hold back targeting and personalization throughout the customer experience.”

B2B Sales Can Get a Boost From Social

Some good news from the social wing of online content strategy: Efforts are paying off in the B2B sales sector, eMarketer reports. A March 2015 poll from KiteDesk indicated that 74% of reps who exceeded quotas ranked as strong social media users. Meanwhile, 64% of sales professionals said they had closed at least one deal due to social media; a quarter closed six or more in 2014, they said.

The Condé Nast Online Content Strategy

An interview with Condé Nast Vice President of Marketing Solutions Pat Connolly reveals that the legacy’s digital success has been built on data, content, and distribution – and that the direction for the industry, in his estimation, is sponsored content. Condé’s in-house studio, 23 Stories, helps it accomplish all of those.

Viewability Continues to Vex

Sorting out standards for ad metrics is an issue that’s yet to be resolved. Advertisers want more pixels for desktop display ads and more seconds on video ads, eMarketer reports, with more 60% of buyers saying viewability is the stiffest challenge facing digital publishers, according to a recent study from The 614 Group and Ad Monsters.

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