Online Publishing Book Review: Producing Successful Magazines, Newsletters and E-Zines by Carol Harris

Note: This review is part of our Top 20 Online Publishing Books to Read in 2009 series.

Discover the Difference Between Conventional Print and Online Publishing – Which One is Right For Your Next Publication?

While many aspects of production are similar within conventional print and online publishing, there are significant differences. Producing Successful Magazines, Newsletters and E-Zines by Carol Harris highlights some of the basics.

  • Writing style
  • Graphic element
  • Timescale
  • Readership
  • Online marketing

Visual comparison. Open any book and they are aesthetically similar, small to medium font from left margin to right margin with very few pictures.

Online publishing requires more visual consideration.

“It is important to remember that most people find it slower reading material on a screen than reading on a printed page…So the writing style for this purpose generally needs to be clear, concise and lively, or people will lose concentration and interest,” Harris notes.

We cannot agree more. Too many words on the screen will lose your audience.

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How often to publish? Traditionally, your timescale would be monthly, but since online publishing is easier, you could produce a shorter version on a weekly basis.

With production time cut, the finished product would also be more up to date. That will lend itself to developing wider readership.

Building readership online tends to be less expensive and easier, for example, by advertising through email campaigns.

Lastly, a comparison of marketing is no contest. Marketing for printed publications can be very costly. To the contrary, there are many free online marketing strategies outlined in this book, such as Affiliate Programs.

Even though the content may be similar between printed publication and online publishing, there is obviously a world of difference when it comes to presentation and delivery.  Which one is right for your next publication?

Learn more when you read Producing Successful Magazines, Newsletters and E-Zines by Carol Harris.


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