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Organize your editorial and marketing efforts with this micro-blogging platform especially for businesses

Yammer is a new(ish) social network similar to Twitter, but on the business side of the spectrum. Your network on Yammer is simply your business colleagues and only people within your company can see your updates.

How often within your company do you use some kind of instant messaging application to have inter-office communications? With Yammer, you can do the same thing, only it’s all down “in ink” for future reference. It also encourages more professional and targeted conversations.

At Mequoda, we’re still a little to small to need Yammer,  but it’s something we might look into after reading these tips from on how to use Yammer internally to boost and organize your content marketing efforts.

First, set up the accounts.

When you set up an account with Yammer, you’ll need to have every person sign up with the same domain. Yammer uses this method to qualify an individual with a particular company.

Next, make sure everyone can use it.

School your team on the platform and demonstrating all of the different platforms that you can use to communicate with everyone. Junta42 notes the third-party applications available and emphasizes making sure to consider the types of devices your team will be using and provide links and information so that they can download the right applications for their hardware.

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Next, get everyone into it.

Make sure that there is one person on your team (perhaps yourself) who manages the overall team. Here are two strategies from Junta42 for helping this process along.

  • Organizing lunch-and-learns or even small group mastermind sessions is a very effective way to guide your team towards 100% adoption by sharing experiences.
  • For teammates who are working remotely, short web conferences where you can share a master desktop to demonstrate the software help to bring any questions or confusion into the open where they can be discussed.

Next, organize your teams in to groups.

You can set up specific groups within the Yammer, so you’re able to separate different departments in your company so that they can have more streamlined conversations.

Finally, make Yammer the main source of conversation and information.

Your team will not not adopt a new platform unless it’s mandatory. If you’ve done your research and decide to go with Yammer, it’s important that everyone knows that this is their playground for communication.

Yammer is a great tool for organizing all of your marketing efforts, but especially when you’re running a regularly updated blog that runs on promotional, SEO and editorial schedules. Yammer sounds like an excellent way to combine all of those efforts in an intranet fashion to keep your team more focused and unified.


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