Planning on Quitting Your Day Job?

The Internet Marketing Intensive will prepare you for the future of Internet marketing

Dear Colleague,

Are you planning on a new start in the always-changing digital environment?

Developing an online business can lead you to financial independence through a growing medium. It can also lead to many headaches amid complete failure.

Are you prepared to start an online venture? Do you have the skills needed to stay relevant in Internet marketing and online business management for the foreseeable future? We’re in a time of great change and immense possibilities; big opportunities can spell success or downfall, and it’s all dependent on your Internet marketing knowledge and skills.

Don’t dive into uncharted waters without knowing all the most relevant, updated best practices associated with Internet marketing. And don’t continue your marketing career without attending the Internet Marketing Intensive – a three-day, hands-on program that’ll prepare you with all the latest industry trends you’ll need to succeed.

As many experienced Internet marketers will tell you, there are multiple areas you must understand to stay afloat. Internet marketing isn’t only about placing ads or doing social media networking, you need to understand keyword research and targeting, key performance metrics, subscription marketing campaigns, and how to create great content. Without those areas of expertise, you’ll find yourself in deep waters too quickly.

The Internet Marketing Intensive is designed to cover all areas you’ll need to master for successful Internet marketing. All topics listed above are presented in 90-minute sessions where questions are encouraged.

Not too many options are offered for comprehensive Internet marketing programs. We’re not interested in seeing content producers miss the opportunities in front of them and make critical mistakes. Join us in New York City this January for the one-of-a-kind Internet Marketing Intensive.

For those of you planning on launching an online business, you’re in luck. Don Nicholas, CEO of Mequoda Group, has extensive experience helping digital publishers launch businesses. In this modern process, he helps publishers develop is a 35-page PowerPoint deck with additional Excel models.

Our Business Plan Development session will start off by going through each slide of the current PowerPoint deck, including over a dozen templates.

Then he’ll talk about the backup documents, including the technology plan, market assessment, and a deep dive into the digital strategy model, which is a proxy metric model.

In 90 minutes you’ll learn the format, structure and back up documents used to raise hundreds of million dollars for Don and his clients.

If failure isn’t an option, you must join us at the Internet Marketing Intensive for all the information pertinent to developing an online business.


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