Powerful Data on Push Notifications

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Digital publishers sending content through apps may be greatly impacted by the use of push notifications.

According to eMarketer, “app engagement—measured by launches—was 88% higher on average among mobile app users worldwide who had enabled push messages.”

The categories that saw the most success with push notifications includes e-commerce (278% increase), music (177% increase), travel and food and drive both saw increases of 109%.

App retention, which considers how often users launched the app after four months post-download, was also positively effected by push notifications. As the eMarketer article continues to point out, “Users who had enabled push messages were between two and three times more likely to launch the app over the four months post-download.”

As smartphone users continue to see push notifications favorably, this functionality may continue to build better engagement and interaction rates.

Read more about the value of app push notifications at eMarketer. 

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