Predictions for Online Advertising in 2011

See what the future may hold for Internet marketers

Social media marketing was big in 2010. Companies cared about getting “Likes” on Facebook while building their social networks.

What do you think the future holds for online advertising in 2011? Will social continue to evolve into smaller, niche location-based activities?

And how will advertisers reach their audiences effectively?

A recent article from Mashable made the following six predictions for digital advertising in 2011.

  1. Local Advertising Becomes Relevant Again With Location
  2. Silicon Valley Will Be the Next Madison Avenue
  3. Influencers Will Be the Celebrities of the Social Web
  4. Small Will Be the New Big for Social Networks
  5. Brands Will Become More Like Media Companies
  6. Facebook “Likes” Will be Important for Your Brand

Social media has made it possible and important for brands to stay in contact with their audiences. Due to this transparency, advertisers have to pay close attention to what people want instead of trying to force advertisements upon them.

For an in-depth look at each of the six predictions from Mashable, take a look at the original article.

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