Print Design Changes Lead to Increased Web Traffic

Digital publishing news for October 15, 2013

There’s a clear connection between print and digital these days. Altercations in print design can lead to more website traffic, as we see in this example of Steve Smith writes, “ enjoyed a nice traffic increase during an August that saw most sites decline, per min‘s exclusive digital boxscores. Page views to the site climbed to just shy of 3 million, up 15.42% from July, while unique visitors grew almost 22% to 1.7 million. The site rolled out a new print design in the September issue, which no doubt contributed to the online lift.”

According to Smith’s article on MinOnline, the new print design involves “a new front-of-the-book section, updated logo and new color palette led the list of changes meeting readers.”

Branded Content Embraced in Website Redesign

Publishers have a variety of options with advertising. They can continue upon the road of traditional ads or they can spruce things up with sponsored content.

In an upcoming website redesign, Harper’s Bazaar is adding sponsored content to its arsenal.

According to Tanzina Vega, “The magazine, which is owned by Hearst, will unveil a redesigned Web site at next Monday that will include an updated look and feel (including more white space on its pages) and the ability to share images and text on social media platforms more easily.”

Saturday editions will feature #TheList with exclusive sponsors. This website update will also include more content getting pushed online and a higher publishing frequency.

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Cosmopolitan Hires New Special Projects Director

Laura Brounstein has been named the new special projects director of Cosmopolitan. According to an article from Steve Cohn, “Upon her Nov. 1 start, Brounstein will be “executing and generating off-the-page ideas” and serve as an editor and writer.”

We wish Brounstein luck in her new position.

Jim VandeHei Promoted to CEO

VandeHei co-founded Politico in 2006. Since then he has served as the executive editor. On October 14th, VandeHei was promoted to CEO and president of the digital (and soon-to-be print) magazine.

According to an article from Caysey Welton, “VandeHei is openly excited about the “evolution” the company is undergoing. And he insists that his new role will be an easy one to fill thanks to the existing model. “There isn’t a structure that needs to be blown up,” he says. “All the pieces are in place. One of the reasons I’m excited is because the management team rocks. They get what Politico is all about. My job is to just bring the best out of these people.”

The quarterly print magazine is expected to arrive in November.

Consumer Reports Hires Electronics Content Development Leader

It’s not an unheard of transition to go from journalist to head of content development. When there’s passion and knowledge existing in an organization, a switch like this can make perfect sense.

This is the case at Consumer Reports, where Glenn Derene is going from technology journalist to the head of the Electronics Content Development team.

Steve Cohn writes, “In his new CR position, Derene will lead the development and implementation of content strategy for electronics and technology coverage that will serve CR‘s extensive portfolio of digital and print products and services.”


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