Programmatic Advertising For Digital Publishers

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

Programmatic advertising is growing in the digital marketing world, and that world coincides closely with the digital publishing industry. Do you know what programmatic advertising is or how it can impact your business?

The term “programmatic” advertising refers to a process of online display advertising that is handled by software interfaces and algorithms. Analysis and optimization is done by the software. This process doesn’t require any human interaction, and its typically considered efficient.

eMarketer is reporting on the popularity of programmatic advertising, and according to its figures, “US programmatic digital display ad spending will grow 137.1% to eclipse $10 billion this year, accounting for 45.0% of the US digital display advertising market.”

Currently, programmatic advertising is primarily utilized for display banner ads, which aren’t the only form of online advertisements, nor are they are they the most popular. Digital ads like video, custom or rich media ads are gaining more popularity than display ads, and may become a target or programmatic advertising in the future.

Read more about programmatic advertising at eMarketer. 

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