Publisher Acquisition News: Condé Gets Hip With Pitchfork Purchase

The latest publisher acquisition represents worlds colliding; plus, Fader’s unique online magazine archive and a major coup for Meredith

Publisher acquisition news is often pretty predictable and ho-hum, but sometimes a deal comes along that not only captures your imagination, but also truly crystallizes the state of the industry.

Condé Nast’s purchase of Pitchfork is just such an example: The legacy giant snatching up a well-respected pioneer of digital publishing in an effort to expand its online magazine offerings makes for a great narrative that gives us a good idea of where the business is headed.

This gives Condé another arrow in its multiplatform quiver as they continue to try and compete in a world that Facebook and Google seem to dominate more and more every day. In addition, it gives them a better shot at growing its Millennial audience. From Pitchfork’s perspective, although a good number of its readers will cry sellout, what other choice did they have, financially?

Let’s start the week with this and other digital publishing news from Ad Age!

Legacy Publisher Acquisition of Popular Digital-Only Property

Condé Nast has acquired Pitchfork Media for undisclosed terms, Ad Age reports.

Established in 1996, the music review site commanded 3 million uniques in August, up 20% year-over-year, per ComScore. Condé Chief Digital Officer Fred Santarpia will oversee the publication, Ad Age reports.

“Pitchfork is a distinguished digital property that brings a strong editorial voice, an enthusiastic and young audience, a growing video platform and a thriving events business,” new Condé Nast CEO Bob Sauerberg said in a statement.

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For 100th Issue, The Fader Makes Online Magazine Library Available on BitTorrent

Digital magazines continue to find cool ways of repurposing content, and Mequoda Members know how much we value the online magazine archive as a highly effective tool in maximizing your hard work over the years.

Just weeks after Esquire launched Esquire Classic, The Fader has announced that it’s making all of its back issues available, as well, albeit in a unique format. The Fader 100 BitTorrent Bundle is now available, Ad Age reports. Unlike Esquire Classic, access is free.

“We started as a print magazine at a time when the web was in its infancy and really have evolved to have a strong digital offering,” co-founder Jon Cohen said. “If you like the tangible nature of print, it’s there. If you enjoy online content, we’re there for you.”

Meredith Selected for Mega Native Ad Campaign

Georgia-Pacific has picked Meredith for a yearlong branded content campaign that will include 1,400 native ads in various forms, Ad Age reports.

Such brands as Angel Soft, Brawny, Dixie, Sparkle, and Quilted Northern will sponsor infographics, articles, slideshows, video, and more across the Meredith network, according to Ad Age.

“We set out on an ambitious path to marry compelling content with innovative media to drive consumer engagement,” Georgia-Pacific CMO Douwe Bergsma said in a statement.

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