As a Publisher, Companies Like Coke Keen on Content

via Digiday

via Digiday

Digiday last week profiled five companies that are reshaping their websites in the mold of publishers. Here’s a look at their findings:

Coca-Cola: Its Journey magazine focuses on culture and lifestyle content, half of it unbranded. Editor Ashley Callahan oversees 12 staff members. According to Coke, 1.2 visitors come to the site monthly, with a 20-24% bounce rate.

Dell: “Dell was an early adopter of branded content with its own content channel, Tech Page One,” Ricardo Bilton writes. “The site carries a mix of original and outside articles from sources like Reuters, Forbes and ReadWrite that are about the intersection of life and tech. Recent original pieces included What online quizzes tell us about consumers and 3-D printing: The future of casts?”

Adobe: CMO aggregates stories from The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, and Business Insider, avoiding overt branding in favor of quality content. Former editor Tim Moran manages the site, which is currently averaging 200,000 views per month.

Barney’s: To be a publisher, companies like Barney’s are blending content with a personalized experience. “You can book a shopping appointment, for example,” Bilton writes. “Recent content has included interviews with Rose Byrne and Elisabeth Moss.”

Xerox: Xerox’s health care, public transportation, and other policy content is assembled in an effort to “get people to think about the company as more than just printers and copiers.” Former AP journalist and current global social marketing exec Ken Ericson runs the shop.


To read more about companies becoming publishers, visit Digiday.

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