Publisher Revenue: Video, Programmatic, Targeting

Three areas of industry focus take the lead in the race to create more publisher revenue streams

If there’s one thing all digital magazine executives can agree on, it’s that there are never enough publisher revenue opportunities.

Settling on just one is out of the question, and even once you’ve established several, they’re continually changing. Digital advertising, for instance, is currently facing ad blocking and ad viewability issues. And audience development isn’t just about successful content anymore; it’s about successful cross-device targeting. And video? Wow – just try to keep up with the advances, both in terms of technology and monetization.

These are just a few examples – today’s publishers have to stay on their toes. Luckily, we have industry monitors like Publishing Executive to help us out. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been covering in recent weeks.

Digital Video Platform SweatTV Launches for Meredith

Meredith is one of the most profitable cross-media publishing enterprises on the planet, in large part because it’s always evolving. Their latest move is SweatTV, a portal through Fitness Magazine that offers hundreds of exercise videos, reports via press release. When it comes to subscriptions, there really aren’t any: users can register as members or complete a sponsor message, receiving a 24-hour pass.

AOL to Purchase Millennial Media for Bigger Programmatic Ads Edge

AOL is another publisher always evolving – recently with big commitments to video and programmatic, and now billing themselves the “first global mobile media technology company” – and they’ve stepped up with another big get in acquiring Millennial Media, reports via press release. The terms will be $1.75 per share of Millennial Media common stock.

With the deal, AOL adds a supply-side platform for app monetization with more than 65,000 apps; a mobile brand advertising scale across ONE by AOL; and gains access to upward of 1 billion active unique around the world with enhanced targeting.

“AOL is well positioned as consumers spend more and more time on mobile devices, and as advertisers, agencies and publishers become more reliant on programmatic monetization tools,” AOL President Bob Lord said in a statement. “As we continue to invest in our platforms and technology, the acquisition of Millennial Media accelerates our competitive mobile offering in ONE by AOL and enhances our current publisher offering with an ‘all in’ monetization platform for app developers.”


Can Hanley Wood Audience Network Take Targeting to Another Level?

Hanley Wood, meanwhile, is focused on niche targeting, launching a service to connect advertisers with the construction industry via B2B sites, reports.

“We continue to focus on creating the best digital engagement opportunities for our customers. This new capability allows our customers to serve ads to their target audience within our Hanley Wood portfolio of sites and outside of our network,” Hanley Wood CEO Peter Goldstone said in a statement. “Utilizing programmatic enabled media technology, we can provide our customers the ability to target individuals on leading websites anywhere on the web.”

What are your areas of focus when it comes to publisher revenue streams? Let us know in the comments!

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