Publisher Video Efforts Expand With New Partnerships, Channels

Vice and Economist redefine publisher video; plus, introducing Bonnier’s new CEO

If you’re a publisher, video must at least be on the periphery of your strategy, inching closer and closer to a prime position in your business approach. While you might not have the resources to partner with a major brand or produce full-fledged digital series as part of a channel, you can use platforms to diversify content and assemble serviceable video that will attract, retain, and convert audiences.

In recent articles, Capital New York covers some industry trends in publisher video. In addition, there’s some big executive news and some not-so-big executive news.

Vice Partners With JetBlue on Video

Vice Media video product will now play on the back of JetBlue seats – and can be streamed on devices via complementary broadband provided by the airline – Capital New York reports. Vice will provide about 110 minutes of all-ages content per month, according to Capital New York, and will join Amazon, The Wall Street Journal, Vox Media, SiriusXM, and DirecTV as a JetBlue partner.

Economist Launches Two Video Series

Economist Films debuted two video pilots last week – “Global Compass” and “Future Work” – Capital New York reports. When The Economist is doing video, it’s probably time to admit video is inevitable for you, too.

“What this is not is an add-on to the print edition. We have a very good multimedia component already that provides complementary audio and video to go with our print pieces. This is different. This is re-interpreting the ethos of what we do in documentaries,” Economist Editor-in-Chief Zanny Minton Beddoes was quoted in Capital New York. “It’s clear that a fraction, probably a very substantial fraction, of media consumption in the future [will be] in video form, so it’s crazy to not take part in that.”


Bonnier Names New CEO

Eric Zinczenko is Bonnier‘s new CEO, succeeding David Freygang, Capital New York reports. Freygang steps down after more than 25 years at the publisher.

Is No News Good News at BuzzFeed?

Despite CEO Jonah Peretti‘s recent comments that BuzzFeed could someday be a public company or a standalone company, his boss says such a move is nowhere close to happening, Capital New York reports.

“We don’t have plans to do anything right now. What Jonah said was, ‘We’ll have lots of options,” BuzzFeed President Greg Coleman told Capital New York. “There’s lots of interesting people investing in our company. We’re doing very well. We’re profitable. We have a lot of cash in the bank. So right now, there’s literally no news. We are working on building and growing the business. We’re not thinking to raise money right now. We’re not thinking to have any kind of an exit.”

Coleman added that BuzzFeed is “not in the M&A mindset either,” Capital New York reports.

Are you a publisher? Video in your plans? Let us know of your triumphs and challenges in the comments!

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