Publishing Business News: Major Reorganizations for Major Players

The media companies making the latest publishing business news include Conde Nast, Time Inc., and IAB

The watch word in recent weeks has been “reorg” when it comes to the publishing business news we’re following. Top-tier personnel changes, the elimination of the staff title “publisher,” and big waves being made in the advertising world are signalling an even more interesting time for digital magazines than we’re used to.

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Conde Nast Readies for Reorganization …

Count Conde as the latest digital publisher to, well, cut the title of “publisher” from its operations. reports that the change is just one of many the mega-legacy is undertaking.

“While the precise shape of the reforms remains unknown, many media watchers speculate that CN may be eliminating the role of publisher at some or all of its magazines. That means consolidating top leadership in order to enable more cross-brand sales spanning the company’s various properties. Sales could possibly organized around advertising categories, rather than individual titles,” Erik Sass writes.

“If CN scraps the publisher title, it will be in good company; several of its peers have already taken the plunge. Earlier this month, CN rival Hearst eliminated the traditional position at Elle Décor in addition to several other magazines, joining Veranda and House Beautiful, which both scrapped the publisher spot several years ago.”

… as Time Inc. Launches ‘Multi-Magazine Hubs’ …

Time Inc. is implementing multi-magazine hubs for the production process as well as new digital desks, reports.

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“Murray said the goal of each digital desk will be to ‘profitably grow’ Time Inc.’s digital audiences as well as help serve digital advertiser demands. Each desk will include reporters and editors from different Time Inc. brands who will continue in their roles, as well as coordinate with desk heads,” Sara Guaglione writes.

“This reorganization is likely an effort to pool resources from brands to better attract mobile and social audiences, as well as offer advertisers scale. … Murray stressed that the formation of the digital desks and magazine hubs is “not a centralization of edit teams” but reflects the ways Time Inc. reaches digital and magazine audiences differently.”

… and IAB Debuts New Ad Unit Portfolio

The Interactive Advertising Bureau has made a big announcement, reports.

“The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) on Monday released an overhaul of the ‘IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio‘ for public comment. The goal is to address brands’ growing need to reach consumers across multiple screens at scale, with ad units that integrate aspect-ratio–based flexible ad sizes. Flexible ad sizes allow for creative to adjust to a variety of screen sizes and resolution capabilities,” Tobi Elkin writes.

“Developed by the IAB Technology Laboratory, the portfolio incorporates the LEAN Principles of lightweight, encrypted, AdChoices supported, and non-invasive advertising within all of its display, mobile, video, and native ad formats. Each of the specs is based on HTML5 technology and informed by industry surveys, user research, and testing.”

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