Publishing Industry Trends This Week: Video, Tablets, Access

publishing industry trendseMarketer focuses on publishing industry trends with three recent studies

Expanded tablet use in China, growing consumer desire for quicker mobile access, and an increase in video ad viewability are among the publishing industry trends addressed by eMarketer in its latest batch of reports.

Video Ad Viewability + Other Rates Rising

According to a study from Integral Ad Science and based on research from the fourth quarter of 2014, video ad viewability remains one of the publishing industry trends to watch, as the in-view rate of nearly 40% represented a 9% increase quarter-over-quarter. eMarketer reports that the study excluded mobile.

Also increasing: Video completion rates. In the U.S., they were up 6 points to 26% by the end of 2014.

Digital display ad purchases jumped, as well, from 36.7% in the third quarter to 42.6% in the fourth. Viewability grew for display ads bought from networks, but dropped slightly for those purchased directly from publishers.

Stateside, video ad spending will continue to climb in 2015, eMarketer says. Estimates approach $8 billion – $13 billion by 2018 – with video ads for desktop, tablet, and mobile up another 31% this year. The group reports that brand safety, fraud, and viewability are the biggest concerns for buyers.

Mobile Web Fueling Magazine Audience Growth

Relaying numbers from the MPA‘s latest Magazine Media 360 report, eMarketer reports that magazine audience grew more than 9% year-over-year in December of 2014, from 1.43 billion to 1.59 billion. But those numbers continue to gain momentum from mobile + multiplatform readers, as opposed to traditional print + digital (read: simple replica) consumers.

“Video and mobile web visitors—those viewing the website on a mobile device using a browser, not an electronic reproduction – were the huge drivers of magazine audience growth, with respective increases of 41.8% and 76.8%,” eMarketer reports.

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“While video’s rise in share was small, the mobile web reached a milestone as it expanded its portion by 7 percentage points to pass that of the desktop/laptop web, which measures the visitors to a magazine’s website—again, not an electronic reproduction—signaling another shift in consumption to on-the-go users looking for quick snippets. … Ad spending on digital platforms, which includes mobile devices, will near $4 billion in 2015, up 5.1% year over year, for a share of 20.8%.”

Tablet Engagement Up in China

More than half of tablet owners in China use their device more than once a day, according to a Tencent study. Two-thirds of the 281.2 million tablet users are male, while 85% are ages 18 to 39. Almost 27% of users are on their tablets for one to two hours per day.

eMarketer reports that most of this time is spent later in the day, near bedtime, which is also the case in the United States and Europe.

App-wise, more than 40% of users said they use about five apps frequently, while 22.5% said they use seven to 10. Tencent found that video apps had the most penetration, with 71%; social (60%), music (48.3%), and shopping (47.6%) followed.

eMarketer reports that 451 Research estimated that 80 million tablets will be sold in China this year. 

Are you keeping tabs on these publishing industry trends? What else have you noticed? Let us know in the comments!

To read more about the data behind this week’s publishing industry trends, visit eMarketer.


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