Publishing Podcasts Could Give Digital Magazines an Edge

But how to cultivate audiences and monetize? Plus, a new president and CEO at the MPA and the possibilities of identity marketing for brands and publishers …

Are you publishing podcasts? If so, then you’re leaps and bounds ahead of much of your digital magazine business competition.

But the better question is, are you publishing podcasts and actually making some money off of them? Are your readers actually listening?

If not, you’re far from alone. (If so, what’s your secret?)

Every new distribution method layered into a multiplatform publishing strategy takes time to master, some with more frustrations than others. And each requires its own special kind of audience development. But if you experiment, make the right moves with your social media strategy, and catch a few breaks, you can expect a solid payoff.

Publishing podcasts presents a unique opportunity because of its multimedia possibilities, relatively inexpensive production requirements, and seemingly perfect fit for niche magazines.

But potential is one thing. Results are another. will take it from here.

Is Publishing Podcasts the Next Great Revenue Stream? has been at the forefront of industry reporting on publishing podcasts, and they believe in its power as a revenue stream, however raw it might be right now.

“Although podcasts have risen to new levels of popularity in recent years, the medium still has its challenges. Podcast creators, increasingly publishers like SlateFiveThirtyEightand Vanity Fair, struggle to reach new listeners because podcasts can be difficult to discover online, often isolated from the constant stream due to the limited sharability and SEO traction of audio. This makes it challenging for podcast creators to grow their audience beyond their most loyal followers,” Ellen Harvey writes.

Harvey wants to hear about your experiences when it comes to publishing podcasts as PubExec continues to explore the trend. Email her at with your thoughts!

MPA Names New President and CEO …

With the departure of Mary Berner for Cumulus Media, the Association of Magazine Media needed a new leader. In Linda Thomas Brooks, they have found one.

“In our ever-changing media landscape, we are thrilled to have an innovative leader with Linda’s experience, vision and growth mindset,” Chair of the MPA Board of Directors Stephen M. Lacy said in a statement.

“In the last two years, MPA has created a very accurate measure of the impressive reach of our audience through Magazine Media 360°, and created an exciting new way to measure the tremendous effectiveness of magazine advertising through our Print Industry Sales Guarantee. We believe Linda brings the exact skills and leadership we need, and look forward to her aggressively evangelizing and expanding these cutting-edge tools and solutions in the media and advertising marketplace.”


… While Kalmbach Taps New VP of Content

Enthusiast publisher Kalmbach has promoted Discover Editor in Chief Stephen C. George to Vice President of Content, reports.

“In his three years at Kalmbach, Steve has done an excellent job leading Discover,” Kalmbach President Chuck Croft said in a statement.

“He has led the repositioning of the brand in the market and refocused its editorial content, improving its performance and reader-satisfaction levels.”

Will Identity Marketing Help Publishers and Brands Join Powers?

Now more than ever, publishers and advertisers must work together to solve challenges like ad blocking, viewability, tech, and metrics. As is often the case, the solution might be found in consumer data and behavior, according to a column on

“In order for advertisers to leverage their valuable purchase data online, it’s critical for publishers and advertisers to work together to create standards around “people-based marketing,” the process of distinguishing humans from robots and reaching people when they are logged into publisher sites,” LiveIntent President Dave Hendricks writes.

“Publishers and advertisers working together can dictate the future of people-based marketing, but they must align soon, before the time comes when there is no inventory to sell and no place for ads to run. … What’s the first step towards building a sustainable détente? Publishers and advertisers can adopt login-based paywalls that block out robots, build publisher CRM files, and provide advertisers with a viable and verifiable audience to reach their shared audiences wherever they are paying attention – which is, as we all know, increasingly in mobile.”

Publishing podcasts is just one of countless ways to distribute content. Start with the basics by downloading our free Multiplatform Publishing Strategy Handbook

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