Publishing Startups Making an Impact

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The Daily Dot

Digiday recently profiled four digital startups that are deftly navigating the occasionally dangerous waters of publishing.

Skift: “In two years, travel site Skift has gone from being the travel industry news rookie to its daily must-read,” Ricardo Bilton writes. “That’s rarely easy to pull off, but Rafat Ali, the company’s CEO, said that Skift did it by finding an underserved vertical and developing a strong brand and product offering around it.”

The Information: The Information is a tech site that charges for content. “The economics of what we’re trying to do are favorable because we have a lower cost equation and a much greater demand for our product,” CEO Jessica Lessin told Digiday. “What we found was an area with greater-than-ever demand and lower-than-ever costs.”

The Daily Dot: Billing itself as the “hometown newspaper of the World Wide Web,” The Daily Dot features a a wide scope and great writing. “Starting a media company may be one of the hardest things to do in business right now,” CEO Nicholas White told Digiday. “But it is worth doing.”

Mic: Wonks Chris Altchek and Jake Horowitz are putting their passion into practice as publishers of the former PolicyMic. “This is the first time in history that someone can post a story on social media and millions of people can see it within minutes,” Altchek says. “The rules of media are being completely rewritten, and we feel there couldn’t be a more exciting time to be a part of it.”

To read more about publishing startups making an impact, visit Digiday.

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