Quartz Reveals the “Secret” to the Social Web

If Quartz has anything to say about social and digital publishing, it’s that we’re all slowly but surely getting better at it. Well, at least they are. Following the trends of the web, less is more, and where an image will do, use it. “We try to tell stories with images and pictures and avoid two extra paragraphs or 70 extra words where a chart or graph would do. Over 50 percent of the Quartz content has a chart or graph. It’s our version of cat videos,” says Jay Lauf, publisher of Quartz.

But when Lauf talks about words again, he says to find the most interesting piece of your article and bank on it. “There’s that one nugget in every story, whether it’s a data point, an angle on the story or philosophy, that hasn’t been done to death that happens to make things really travel on the social Web.”

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.50.47 PM

“When you orient your story around a nugget like that this is the kind of stuff that can really travel around the social Web.”

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