Read What Your Peers Say is Working

The Secrets of Success

Here are 10 strategies that SIPA members are having success with at this current time.

1. We are investing time and resources in improving and expanding our emedia position in our markets, while building more engaged communities both online and offline.
–Diane Schwartz, senior vice president & group publisher, Access Intelligence

2. We are focusing less on new markets and turning attention back to our well-established primary market. It’s much easier to sell to customers who know and respect our brand already, and we’re identifying where we can turn one product—a book, for example—into any number of special reports.
–Lucretia Lyons, President, Business Valuation Resources, LLC

3. Our large-scale virtual event called PMXPO is getting rave reviews from both audience and advertisers. The technology allowed us to have thousands of people engaged for a full day. The audience got free content that they would have otherwise had to pay for and travel to see. Advertisers got great leads and an opportunity to interact directly with prospects, and the whole thing was really great for our brand!
–Dave Garrett, president and CEO,

4. Relentless emphasis on customer focus and on serving our loyal customers with the information they want and crave. It’s hard to acquire new customers these days, but our renewal rates are up substantially this year.
–Pieter VanBennekom, editorial director, Progressive Business Publications (PBP)

5. Refocusing efforts on low-hanging fruit.
–Kate Mayfield, Managing Director, Mayfield Solutions Ltd.

6. Online audience aggregation, development of new digital content products, and eCommerce.
–Clay Hall, CEO, Aspire Media, LLC

7. Our efforts in social media are remarkably successful. We’ve been Tweeting for about a year and have more than 75,000 followers, and it is a major source of high-quality, Website traffic. Facebook and YouTube are also parts of the strategy, and our blogging efforts, which are more recent, seem to be getting off to a good start as a means to engage both existing and prospective customers.
–Ed Coburn, Publishing Director, Harvard Health Publications, Harvard Medical School

8. Our recent acquisition of the dynamic, cutting-edge Going Concern brand is terribly exciting. It’s got a sizable audience—and it’s growing. Going Concern is a solid complement to AccountingWEB…very different audiences, both serving the accounting fields…together, quite powerful.
–Rob Nance, Publisher, AccountingWEB

9. Successfully navigating across the different ways that content is being delivered to (prospective) subscribers. This involves finding out how these individuals prefer to receive the information (print, CD, online) we are offering for our clients.
–Randy Greenberg, President/Owner, Greene (& Associates), an RMG Direct company

10. Editorially we’re testing changing the content model from long text articles to other formats to see what’s really best for our audiences. For example, takes the traditional 1,200-word case study format and turns it into a fun online voting game with a 250-word write-up and dozens of reader comments.
–Anne Holland, Publisher, Anne Holland Ventures Inc.


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