Recent Study Shows High Conversion Rates for the iPad

What does this mean for online publishers?

Shopatron, a provider of global eCommerce solutions for consumer goods manufacturers, announced recently that sales conversion rates for the Apple iPad are much higher than rates for other mobile devices.

According to the company, these findings are based on an analysis of conversion rates from dozens of branded stores on the Shopatron platform. With over 800 branded stores throughout 35 industries, the company was able to look at their findings quite easily.

This data was collected since early March and compared to the conversion rates from mobile devices like the iPhone, iPod and Android. None of these devices fared much better than one another, and fell upon an average conversion rate of 0.37%.

For all of the online publishers and Internet marketers reading this, you know that rate isn’t very good.

On the other hand, the conversion rate for the iPad was, on average 2.04%, which some individual stores seeing a conversion rate double that found on personal computers.

Due to these findings, Shopatron believes the conversion rates are higher on the iPad due to a “much richer shopping experience with its large screen real-estate and fast connection speeds”.

Publishers’ Take on iPad’s Conversion Rates

I for one am not too surprised by these findings. The iPad in itself is more aligned with shopping experiences found on computers. Applications for the iPad are as aesthetically pleasing as computer-based e-commerce websites, yet the portability and usability behind the iPad allow for purchases on the go.

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As users can bring their iPads with them where ever they go, the opportunity to engage in spur-of-the-moment purchases is always there. And according to an article on WebMD, 60% of all purchases fall into the category of impulse buying.

Since the iPad looks so good and is easily used to execute upon purchases, it is no wonder that the conversion rate is higher than that of other mobile devices.

To me, it’s the modern, 2010 version of buying a candy bar while at the check-out line in the grocery store. It’s a purchase that didn’t take too long to decide upon, it was a quick process to pick up and pay and it didn’t cost me much. All of those components are the same for iPad apps, with only the last aspect of price changing, depending on what the user is actually buying.

Mark Grondin, the Senior Vice President of Shopatron believes that the iPad can “perform an important role driving mCommerce into the mainstream.”

Mobile commerce (mCommerce) is the future that’s already here. We saw its presence when Apple sold over three million iPads in 80 days. We are seeing it again with the information on conversion rates.

Will all other forms of commerce stop immediately? No. But for all of the savvy online publishers and Internet marketers out there, the iPad and its ability to enhance the face of retail is worth looking at. Start by studying results and reading what people are saying about the iPad and other digital readers, then determine how your publication could exist on them.

What are your thoughts on the iPad and the emerging world of digital readers? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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