Rhyme AND Reason for a Successful New Year!

SIPA a la Ode

Ho-ho dear members (and readers), allay your winter fret,
Gather with me now away from the Internet.
It’s the Santa of SIPA, the Nick of Time,
Here to give young and old mariners a rime.
So come with us on this seasonal skate,
To wish everyone’s New Year be prosperous and great.
As we roll through renewals and set our goals
With a greeting to some who stirred our souls.

Pop the champagne (though some may prefer port),
For our friends Barb Kaplowitz and Helen Hoart.
The Foundation’s Awards are just around the bend,
And we’re going to be asking everyone to send.
Pour some for Ms. Rogers and Fritz – I call them Kati(e)
And our 2011 Conference Chair, Mr. Bob Brady.
Don’t forget Cindy Carter and everyone at FDAnews,
And Jennie Phipps for her conference on a cruise.
Let’s sing Auld Lang Syne with our friend Ed Coburn,
A year as President is quite a sojourn,
Kudos to Guy Cecala for keeping momentum going,
As SIPA takes confident steps to continue growing.
The happiest of new years (I’ll send an email)
To Patti Wysocki, Diane Schwartz and Tom Gale,
Denise Elliott and Matt Bailey,
Mary Lou Probka and SIPAlert Daily!
Cheers to Robin Crumby and Carol Brault,
Rick Longenecker and our own Matt Salt.
Thanks to Matt (and Andy and Julie!) for Conference heaven,
As we now set our sights on SIPA 2011.
Check out the special (these are the last 2 days!)
It’s now $250 less than one normally pays!
A toast to Meg and Lucretia for their Marketing Conference guiding
So many great speakers brought so much good info (and tiding).
Like Mark Everett Johnson and Robert Lerose,
Annie Stickney, James Comfort and Rafael Cardoso.
Happy analytics and SEOing in this new 12-month dash
To friends Don Nicholas, David Foster and Phil Ash,
And our global “freunds” like Helmut and Florin,
Your participation keeps the association roarin’!

Dear colleagues, our 2011 menu is starting to cook,
The Conferences and meetings are beginning to book.
Apologies to those we couldn’t rhyme,
(Like Pieter VanBennekom), we’ll try next time.
From everyone at SIPA sitting with me here,
Blessings to all for a safe and prosperous new year.
Here’s hoping the flag of peace gets neatly unfurled
With a sincere and happy Joy to the World.

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