RTB 500 Debuts on MediaPost

via MediaPost

via MediaPost

MediaPost has launched its RTB 500, a Standard & Poor-style index of up-to-the-minute media prices.

The composite will aim to track the rates of ad buys at 500 publishers, The New York Times reports. The rise of programmatic, or automated, ads has fueled the need for a real-time report on supply and demand.

“There is so much sophistication being brought into the marketplace, and through programmatic we are giving ourselves the ability to understand data better to help in our real-time decision-making,” the Association of National Advertisers’ Robert D. Liodice told the Times.

MediaPost Editor Joe Mandese agrees.

“Markets work well only when people can see what’s going on,” he told the Times. “It will be up to the marketplace to decide if the index has any value or merit.”

The industry publication is working with media tech company OwnerIQ to produce the RTB 500.

To read more about MediaPost’s ad index, visit NYTimes.com

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