Selling Products Online? Don’t Forget the Tablet Owners

Recent data shows that tablet owners buy more online than smartphone users

Online publishers and retailers need to consider the ways audience members use technology.

For instance, how do you think smartphones are used in the purchasing process? How about tablets?

I’d personally say, without any supporting data, that the tablet would be used more for buying online. After all, smartphones, although quite sophisticated, are inherently designed to make calls and enhance the communication process. Tablets were designed with the notion of consumption in mind.

Fortunately for us, the e-talling group has data to support the notion that tablet owners browse, research and make purchases more than smartphone users.

Smartphones vs. tablets

Although smartphone ownership is bigger, and expected to continue to be so throughout 2011 (23.4% of the population compared to 7.6%), tablet owners are considered to be more eager to make purchases.

According to the e-talling group, 10% of tablet owners reported browsing or buying everyday on their tablet while 6% of smartphone users reported doing the same activities.

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Overall, more purchases were made on tablets as well. Here is how the numbers break down for the past six months.

-39% of tablet owners made 2-5 purchases; 30% of smartphone users did the same.

-12% of tablet owners made 6-10 purchases; 9% of smartphone users did the same.

-12% of tablet owners made 10+ purchases; 7% of smartphone users did the same.

Furthermore, 22% of tablet owners said that they did not make any purchases while 36% of smartphone users said the same. It’s clear that tablet owners are more likely to make purchases over smartphone users.

Beyond making more purchases on tablet devices, tablet owners are more satisfied with the experience than smartphone users. For instance, 88% of tablet owners reported being “very satisfied/somewhat satisfied” with the shopping experience on their device. In comparison, 73% of smartphone users reported being “very satisfied/somewhat satisfied” with the shopping experience.


With a larger screen and the same, or better, functionality as smartphones, it isn’t surprising that tablets are more desirable for browsing and making purchases.

We headed towards a completely media-infused digital landscape. Publishers and marketers can take advantage of this evolution by focusing on user engaging, creating trust through content and presenting as much enhancing media as necessary.

For more on this topic, take a look at this article from eMarketer.


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