Seven Reasons for Attending SIPA 2011

Train sales reps, focus on readers and empower supporters: SIPA 2011 speakers give solid tips

1. Knight Kiplinger, editor in chief of The Kiplinger Washington Editors, will deliver the Monday lunch keynote on June 6 at SIPA 2011. “Our focus is on the reader,” he said. “We don’t have news publications; news is what already happened. Were projecting outcomes based on recent events. We do letters. [Other] publications keep people up to date in their field of interest. We don’t do that. We view our letters as supplemental to the newsletters in their field that they’re already reading…We feel that a subscription earns its price many times over.”
(All attendees will receive a complimentary subscription The Kiplinger Letter.)

2. Listen once to Rick Longenecker and you’ll have new ideas about how to sell. “Sales reps don’t have the right sales skills,” says Longenecker. “They need skills training. Our reps don’t listen like they should. Most business leaders are looking at sales challenges at the symptom level”; but in reality, “their basic selling assumptions and beliefs are not aligned with the buyer.”
Direct Selling: Case Studies on The Common Denominator for Cross-selling Traditional, Portal and E-learning Solutions takes place Sunday, June 5 at 4:40 p.m.

3. “If you recognize that your customers are telling people about your company, then you realize that the funnel doesn’t end with the customers,” says Josh Bernoff, who will deliver his keynote Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. “You can support them, empower them to talk, get them to be delighted, a fan and then a broadcaster. And then they spread their influence to the people who hear about it like the 10,000 people who heard what I thought about Best Buy service.”

4. Two speakers from the highly regarded company, The Motley Fool—Rebekah Hughes and Jeremy Phillipswill lead a session titled Organic Search vs. Paid/Pay-Per-Click: What’s the Difference, and Which Will Work Best for You. At any search engine, you have to balance your goals and needs with your resources, both money and time. This will be a look at how to quantify and plan your efforts at being visible for organic search and being featured with paid/sponsored promotions.

5. On Tuesday, June 7, at 9 a.m., Wayne Cooper of Greenhaven Partners will moderate a CEO Power Panel, exploring the future of the industry and what leaders are doing to prepare their companies for this future.

6. What can be more important than renewals? Hear innovative strategies from Carol Brault of Access Intelligence and Jim Bell of FDAnews on Monday, June 6 at 11 a.m. They will offer tips such as making your renewal efforts personal. Technology has given us great tools but don’t let them de-personalize your renewal series. Subscribers want to know there’s a real person behind those efforts.

7. David Meerman Scott, the SIPF Awards Luncheon speaker on Tuesday, will bring you into the real-time world of marketing. “How many people saw the Chilean miners come out of their hole?” he asked a group earlier this year. “Most people saw that in some fashion. Did you see they were wearing Oakley sunglasses? How about this for a marketing campaign? Imagine if they hit their email list and say, ‘Did you see those Chilean miners come out of their hole today? That was the Oakley xyz model; wasn’t that really cool?’ What would happen? So few people are marketing this way [in real-time].”

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